Börknäs gård

From a beloved hobby to a profession

Börknäs Gård is an organic sheep farm established in 2016. The farm’s owner, Edvard Krooks, began farming on the property in 2010, and he officially took ownership late 2020 / early 2021.

The first sheep arrived on the farm in 2014, primarily as a hobby. However, it was the National Sheep Days in Kalajoki in 2016 that inspired Edvard to reconsider the farm’s future. The completion of a new lamb barn in 2022 allowed for an increase in the number of sheep. The well-being of the animals is enhanced by the bright greenhouse-style lamb barn. Currently, the farm is home to approximately 150 ewes.

Edvard also works as a trainer outside of the farm, and his son, Jacob Krooks, is actively involved in the daily farm work. Additional assistance is provided by the farm’s previous owner and other family members.

Growing up on a farm and engaging in farm work have always been part of Edvard’s life. The dream of a life “in harmony with nature” rather than confined to an office job became a reality with the addition of sheep to the farm.

During the summer, the farm’s ewes graze on traditional biotopes. The goal is to increase the number of these biotopes to produce pasture-raised meat for customers. The farm encourages people to consume responsibly and enjoy high-quality meat.