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Next Level Producer -concept

We have been concerned about the uncertainties of the new CAP program period and market fluctuations, as well as the changing global situation’s impact on the future of farms. That’s why we, together with Vainion Teurastamo, Lammasmaailma, and sheep experts, have developed a consultation package for farms considering starting or expanding sheep production.

In collaboration with these partners, we created the ‘Next Level Producer’ concept. The consultation package is cost-effective for farms, especially when Neuvo funding can be applied. It includes a farm visit by a professional in sheep and goat production, financial advice from an expert familiar with sheep farming, and guidance from a veterinarian specializing in sheep.

The goal is to provide basic information about sheep as a livelihood and help farms make informed decisions about potential future sheep production or assist in starting/expanding production.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you’re considering a career as a sheep farmer! Contact us!