Norrbacks farm

Results with rotational grazing and pasture mixes

Norrback Farms is located in Närpiö, Finland, and it has been managed by siblings Josefin Norrback (an agronomist) and Dennis Norrback (a Master of Business Administration) since 2021. The farm has been involved in sheep farming since the 1980s. Initially, it focused on dairy cattle, but in 2004, it transitioned to sheep farming. Farm’s fields have been in organic production since the late 1990s, and currently, all production is organic.

The farm has specialized in raising meat sheep breeds such as Texels, Dorsets, and crosses. Grazing is both a requirement of organic production but also a passion for the farm’s owners. They invest time and financial resources in proper grazing, which has had a positive impact on the quality of their production.

During the summer, the ewes graze on traditional biotopes, while the lambs are raised on grassy pastures. The farm uses rotational grazing, a method familiar from carbon farming, and uses diverse pasture mixes. Trained herding dogs assist in managing the grazing and caring for the animals.