Sjögårds lamm

Sjögårds lamm lammastilalliset

Conservating biodiversity and aiming for 100% self-sufficiency

Sjögårds Lamm is a farm managed by Kaj and Gun-Sofi, now in its ninth generation. Previously, the farm primarily cultivated crops, and a small flock of sheep was introduced in 2011 to manage the restored natural pastures. In the 1950s, the farm had kept cows, and the sheep were brought in to maintain the old pastureland once grazed by cows.

The farm transitioned to organic production in 2017 while expanding its operations. Currently, the farm is home to 130 ewes, and the goal is to produce all feed on-site to achieve complete self-sufficiency.

All sheep at Sjögård’s farm graze, with ewes on natural pastures and lambs on cultivated grass fields. The farm places a special emphasis on the conservation of biodiversity and maintaining biodiversity. Part of this effort involves the breeding of finnsheep, our native sheep breed.

The farm produces lamb products with one of our native breeds, also serving as a living gene bank. Native breeds have adapted to the local environment and have become endangered or even extinct in many cases as industrial farming shifted towards more highly bred hybrids and imported breeds.