Halmelas getrård

Meeting the growing demand for goat milk

Halmela Goat Farm, is run by Jonna and Eero Ukkola in Loppi. It is the second-largest goat farm in Finland. Currently, they have around 360 does (kuttu?) in milk production, with a total goat population of 600 individuals. The milk produced on the farm is processed into cheese by Juustoportti.

For a long time, Halmela Farm primarily focused on organic crop cultivation. However, with a generational transition, the entrepreneurial couple initially considered establishing a milking barn for cows, but after careful calculations, they changed their plans. At the same time, there was a growing demand for goat milk in Finland, so they decided to try their hand at goat farming.

In 2019, they started milking approximately a hundred does, and today, around 360 does are in milk production. The farm has invested in a carousel milking system designed for goats, and the feeding and bedding of the animals are managed with a feed wagon. The feed includes silage, grains, peas, and minerals. Additionally, water and salt licks are always available.

In addition to goat milk, Halmela Farm also produces goat meat. The farm has been actively involved in developing the goat meat market in collaboration with the Lamb Cooperative (Lammasosuuskunta).