Finnish sheep cooperative

The Finnish Sheep Cooperative/Suomen Lammasosuuskunta was established to market and sell Finnish lamb and sheep meat through retailers to consumers. Currently, we represent over 150 sheep farms and a few goat farms nationwide.

The Sheep Cooperative, Suomen Lammasosuuskunta, was established in 1995, initially under the name ‘Pohjanmaan lammas- ja vuohiosuuskunta’ (The Ostrobothnia Sheep and Goat Cooperative). As our operations expanded nationwide, the name was changed to ‘Suomen Lammasosuuskunta’ (Finnish Sheep Cooperative). As a collective of producers, we are better equipped to serve our partners.

We obtained producer organization status in 2019, becoming one of the first producer organizations in the meat industry. A producer organization is an association established by producers to assist its members in planning their production and marketing. The goal of this organization is to strengthen the position of producers in the market.

We collaborate with several leading companies in the meat industry. Our partners are at the forefront of their field, prioritize the well-being of their employees, and pay their taxes in Finland. We serve our partners by, among other things, working to make production more balanced in relation to supply and demand. We also provide guidance to our producers towards higher quality and more professional production. We actively develop the entire chain through stakeholder cooperation.

Consumers can find Finnish lamb most easily in retail stores, either fresh or frozen. The major wholesalers supplying lamb to retailers and restaurants are Tamminen Oy and Reinin Liha Oy. Through these suppliers, Finnish lamb meat is available in numerous S- and K-chain stores as well as restaurants across Finland. If your local store doesn’t carry domestic lamb, you can request them to include it in their selection.

Some of our member farms also sell their produced meat directly to consumers for the farms. You can find farms practicing direct sales at (In Finnish).

Membership Benefits

Suomen Lammasosuuskunta is owned by its sheep farmer members, and our goal is to serve our member farms to the best of our ability. Our producer organization status allows us to negotiate centralized sales of our production and competitive procurement. We negotiate producer prices and input prices on behalf of farmers. By centralizing these processes, we can secure the best deals.

Lammasosuuskunta negotiates various campaigns for its member farms and organizes group orders. These may include custom-made feeds, mineral mixes, grass seed blends, or even shearing or expert services tailored to sheep.

The well-being of our member farms is important to us. That’s why we have actively participated in advocacy, and we are also part of the The Farmers’ Social Insurance Institution Mela’s ‘Välitä Viljelijästä’ (Care About the Farmer) network.

According to a survey conducted among our members, better producer prices and their predictability, in addition to time savings, have been the primary benefits of joining Suomen Lammasosuuskunta. Furthermore, cost savings have been achieved through collective procurement of production inputs. Community spirit and securing the future have also been driving factors for producers to organize.

If you have more questions about membership, please contact us.

Did you know:

  • Suomen Lammasosuuskunta is a member-owned company and one of the first producer organizations in the Finnish meat industry.
  • We are actively involved in developing lamb meat production with the goal of achieving a balanced production in relation to demand.
  • We negotiate better producer prices for our members and competitively procure production inputs. By pooling our resources, we are better equipped to serve both the industry and the retail sector.